Palmetto Patriots Scholarship Fund



The Mission of The Palmetto Patriots Scholarship Fund is to Educate, Empower and Represent South Carolina's Veterans Advocates with access to continued education and training through collaboration and community support. 


To build a statewide  reservoir of talented, educated and prepared Veterans advocates to support and assist in their prospective counties.


Direct financial commentments from communtiy partners to fund essential continued education and training.


Communicating is the importance of providing educated and accredited Veterans advocates  across the state of South Carolina.


Collaboration between national, regional, statewide and local leadership in the business and public sectors to prepare and mobilize the community to build the nation's leading statewide Veterans advocacy model.


Annually the South Carolina Association of County Veterans Affairs Officers (SCACVAO) serve over 400,000 Veterans in the VA system in the state of SC. To accompish this service 46 Accredited County Veterans Affairs Officers and Employees attend training twice per year.  Community Support is essential to the successful preparation and education of the SCACVAO Veterans Advocates. Funds from the Palmetto Patriots Scholarship Fund subsidize Veterans advocates travel expenses and training fees, including accreditation opportunities, registration,and tuition, and education materials on VA Law and Federal and State benefits. 

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